Field Marketing and Brand Experience (FMBE) and Direct Marketing Business (DMB)

I have edited 3 magazines, 2 books and contributed to numerous websites.

These days my main subject is face to face marketing and sales. FMBE Magazine and Awards is established as a global leader since I started the magazine in 2001 and the awards in 2004. For a full understanding of this industry and my contribution to it visit

The awards have an eye-popping best of breed reputation – these videos give you a flavour.

As a publication FMBE has charted the emergence of many new sales and marketing skills and techniques, whilst contributing to and observing the UK’s emergence as a global powerhouse in field and experiential marketing.

Prior to Field Marketing I edited dmBusiness magazine for direct and data marketing as well as authoring end editing two influential books on data marketing and the emergence of personalisation.

I have also edited from concept Sold magazine, a radical business magazine that interviewed sales professionals like Sirs Alan Sugar and Martin Sorrell and showed how they harnessed their sales instincts into business success. This much celebrated magazine fully broke the mould of business publications in general and offered extravagant offers and outlandish competitions of its readers, including ‘Free Cruise to Spain for every reader’ and ‘Win a Ton of Cake’.

Event Writing Commissions

I have covered events of all scales, from vast music festivals through to brand event invitationals.

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Adventure Writing

In at the deep end adventure writing is something I love – I have been asked to do some daft stuff, or sometimes it just happened unexpectedly:

Drive an HGV around a race circuit;  Pilot a helicopter; Become weightless via attachment to a giant balloon harness; Fly in the William Hill Trophy hot air balloon at a Fiesta; Ride a bronco; Be the ammo for a human catapult; Race a Formula Ford; Perform Cossack Dancing to Russians; Descend a black slope as a way of learning to ski, glacial crevasse zipwiring, camp with hippos, wrestling a professional (she killed me), trekking with elephants.

I love low voltage experiences too, have enjoyed learning experiences through the magazines such as flower arranging, Russian language, barista skills, musical instruments, psychology classes, HIIT exercise, yoga, cocktail shaking, pottery making, cake baking, 3D gaming, painting etc.