We start at St Nicholas, a classic cathedral in a city the is redolent with history. There’s so much to discover about this sea faring city with its centrepoint overlooking the admired, used and abused Tyne. The cathedral today has a purpose of driving communuity outreach and support.
The distinctive lantern spire dates from 1448.
There actually is a castle at Newcastle and we should pass it as we head South to Gateshead and pay our artisitic respects to Antony Gormley’s monumnetal cast of his own body, The Angel of the North, 66ft high and located on a former colliery.
After passing Chester Le Street (with a view of the hotel and golf course at Lumley Castle). Lunch is planned for Durham with Durham’s Finest ‘Pease Pudding’ cold on the proposed menu. Durham is the Wear city, where history is preserved in the the shape of many buildings including the cathedral, castle and university. There are plenty of UNESCO sites to note.
Spennymoor and Bishop Auckland are then passed in what is a densely populated route. Auckland Castle is next on a list of must sees.
Post Run

After finishing  the running for the day in Piercebridge at the roman fort, at 34 miles, there should be time to jump in the van to test our eyesight at Barnard Castle and vists to Darlington and Richmond.

The latter is the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales. The population here voted for Rishi Sunak to represent them as their MP.
After quite a day of battlements and fortifications, overnight in Piercebridge at The George (Best Western).
Newcastle Cathedral
Angel of the North
Durham Cathedral and City Centre
Auckland Castle
Piercebridge Roman Fort
Barnard Castle
Darlington and Richmond town centres
Fuel: Greggs (first shop was in Newcastle), Pease Pudding, Stottie, Pan Heggarty
Overnight: The George, Piercebridge