An early start in order to get to the Park Run at Milton Country Park by mile 13.

Then it is just 3.5 miles into Cambridge City centre, so should be there in time for a walking tour of the university and architectural highlights ahead of lunch.

Trinity College is a must visit. It was the college depicted in the centre scene in David Putnam’s British classic running film Chariots of Fire, with Harold Abrahams racing around the quad.

King’s College is the iconic one to visit and will be the first chance since the June 30th preview day to see a statue of Alan Turing, and the first chance since The Angel of the North on day 1 to see a sculpture by Sir Anthony Gormley. His controversial depiction of the famous enigma mathematician was unveiled this year.

The Centre for Computing History is a visit that I’d like to fit in.

Then onto the capital of flat racing, Newmarket, in time for the curtain down on the famous July meeting.


5.30am Ely

9am Milton Country Park (mile 13)

10am leave Milton Country Park

11am Cambridge (16.5 miles)

11am – 12.30pm

Cambridge tours including

Trinity College

King’s College and Chapel

Alan Turing Sculpture by Sir Anthony Gormley, at King’s

4.00pm The Jockey Club, Newmarket

Fuel: Fenland Celery and Braughing/Musk Sausages AND Powters Sausages. This will be a long overdue sausage-off between the Musk which partnered the ‘grey squirrel’ Braughing  (a Hertfordshore recipe now made in Newmarket) and the home hero ‘red squirrel’ Powters. Musk has the royal warrants, Powters has multiple awards. It is only fair to try both.

Whilst Cambridge is famous for numerous students and professors and university alumni, there are few more significant or more associated with the university than Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time. So during the run I will have a listen.

Back to Mildenhall for the Bell Hotel.  Play Jet Set Willy to honour Sir Cive Sinclair of Cambridge.