Friday 19th July


Its not the most romantic route skirting the north side of the M25 between towns that are practically, but not quite, London. Nevertheless there is a full 17 miles or so of pleasing countryside before the urban Hs of Harlow, Hoddesdon and Hertford. There Hertford Castle is bang on the route at the 27.5 mile mark, its surviving gatehouse a truly evocative reminder of the fascinating history of a building with a significant role in British history. These days it plays host to council meetings and weddings.

After Hertford the day ends at Welwyn Garden City, a city founded by phlianthropist Ebenezer Howard, a kind of one man B Corp project who responded to 19th Century slums with the plan to build a healthy green city with the best of urband and country interwoven. I’m very interested to arrive at Welwyn on foot, a good way to rate the success of Howard’s project.

The people of Welwyn have taken to TripAdvisor to moan about the stock and staff at their local Aldi store, opening the door for a devious review about the lack of adult toys there.


8am Chelmsford Cathedral

10.30am Fyfield – drinks stop – 10 miles

1pm Harlow  (19 miles)
3pm Hertford Castle (mile 28)
Ebenezer Howard statue
4pm Aldi, Welwyn (mile 32)