Another outstanding day sees us take a parallel route to the old Watling Street through London, starting by crossing the river via Tower Bridge and then getting to visit Southwark Cathedral, a remarkable survivor of many often unpleasant histories. A church until being elevated to cathedral in 1906, it survived bombs, bloodshed and the onwards march of the industrial revolution, with a railway line practically in touching distance.

There I will attempt to meet internet star Hodge, the cathedral cat and successor to Doorkins Magnificat, the stray who moved into the catehdral, inspired children’s books and has her own gargoyle.

We also pass the O2, one of the leading spots for entertainment, leisure and brand events in the capital

At Greenwich we celebrate all things maritime, and all things time, and also the start line for the London Marathon.

Next we pass by Eltham Palace, one of London’s least known royal palaces simply by virtue of being in an awkward to get to area south of the river.

Then on to Bluewater Shopping Centre, Britain’s headquaters of shopping and the first sponsor of the Big TOE.

Finally we head away from London, using the same trail near Gravesham that running group Saxons Vikings and Norman’s use for their 10 marathons in 10 days. It runs alongsdie the busy A2, aka Watling Street, the famous Roman route.

We are in both Chaucer and Dickens territory here, finally getting clear of the connurbation befor pulling in to the Dickens city of Rochester.

Rochester Cathedral is full of fascination including a memorial to the soldiers lost at Rorke’s Drift in the scenes made famous in the feature film, Zulu.

Post Run
What the Dickens? I will try to reveal 20 did you knows about the famous author and his books by touring the city, the cathedral, the castle and the graveyard.

Tower Bridge
Southwark Cathedral
Hodge, a cat
The O2
Greenwich Observatory
The Cutty Sark
Eltham Palace
Bluewater Shopping Centre
Rochester Cathedral
Dicken’s Swiss Chalet
Rochester Castle

Fuel: Best of Bluewater at midday, end of the run Jellied Eels, Pie and Mash at Cathedral Pie Shop.

Overnight: Premier Inn, Rochester