Tuesday 30th July

The day is dedicated to the memory of three outstanding teachers, John Moore, who gave me willpower, wits and stamina, to Don Potter who gave me patience and to Frank Bristow who gave me kindness


Heading into the Dorset where I grew up and staying overnight at the school where mum and dad both taught sports clubs…

Before I get there though the run goes through Cranborne Manor and Chase just before mile 7.

Hopefully we can get a tour of the Hall and Woodhouse Brewery at Blandford just before the end.

We finish the day with a welcome at Bryanston School and a visit to its Don Potter Art Centre. The school building is the 1898 work of renowned British architect, Richard Norman Shaw.

Post Run
Paddling a racing kayak on the River Stour.


8am Fordingbridge
9.45am Cranborne Manor (7 miles)
1pm Hall and Woodhouse Brewery (20 miles)
1.30pm Bryanston School and Don Potter Art Centre (22 miles)

Post run

Canoe on the Stour

Fuel: Badger Ales