Monday 5th August

The Eden Project is a big supporter of running and wellbeing, so it is a visit I want to make happen. It also plays host to an event that won one of my FMBE Awards last year, Anthropy.

The beer shop for St Austell is at mile 9.

Truro is mostly about the historic streets and cathedral. Cathedral Square is highly rated for a pasty.

Post Run
Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm is recommended. Mega Slip and Slide Cornwall also looks a good way to unwind!


8am Fowey
9.30 -10.30 The Eden Project (mile 5)
11.30 St Austell (mile 9)

1.30pm- 2pm pasty stop Probus (mile 17)
3.30pm – 4pm Truro Cathedral (23)

5pm Trispin

Post Run rehydration and fun: Healey’s Cyder and Mega Slip and Slide

Fuel: Fuel: Pasty, Cornish Yarg, Ice Cream, Healey’s Cyder or St Austell’s beer

Overnight: Cozy Little Hut, Launceston.