Tuesday 13th August

The day is all about the wonderful National Trail, The Ridgeway, the oldest route in Britain, which takes up most of the day’s mileage.

Highlights include the Hackpen White Horse at mile 4, then Barbury Castle, and then at mile 17 Uffington White Horse on Dragon Hill with Castle.

The day ends in Wantage where I will finally chase down the birthplace of Alfred the Great, marked by his statue. (This after the previous day in Chippenham where Alfred lost a famous battle)


9am Avebury
10am Hackpen White Horse (mile 4)
10.30am Barbury Castle (6 miles)
1.15pm Uffington White Horse (mile 17)
Uffington Castle
3.30pm Alfred the Great statue, Wantage (mile 25)

Fuel: Wiltshire Ham Sandwiches