Friday 30th August

The route follows or follows close to Hadrian’s Wall Path all day, the last National Trail of the tour. We also enter Northumberland National Park on the route, another last of the Tour.
Roman sites abound with Vindolanda and Housesteads Forts the two most prominent. Vindolanda is just south of the famed Sycamore Gap/ Robin Hood Tree that was felled by vandals last year.
The end of the day’s route is at Chesters Roman Fort.

Post Tour
Wall is near to Hexham which has plenty to offer including Haxham Abbey and Old Gaol, and the wonderful looking Museum of Classic Sci-fi with a chance to encounter Daleks.

After dark, weather permitting, we will take a drive north to Kielder and go stargazing in the Northumberland Dark Sky Park.


7am Newtown
10am Greenhead (Mile 12)
11.45pm Vindolanda (mile 19)
12.45Housesteads (mile 23)

Vicki to visit museum of Classic Sci Fi, Hexham and Hexham Old Gaol

2.30pm Walwick (mile 30)
3.15 Wall (mile 33)

4.15pm Chesters Roman Fort (mile 37)

Post Run
Hexham Abbey
Northumberland Dark Sky Park