Tuesday 9th July


A day of sports, legends and lace. First Gedling Country Park, then Nottingham, and through Woolaton Hall. Woolaton also comemorates the ice skating feats of Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean, with Torvill Drive and Dean Close just a few streets off the route. I’m not going to stop at Bolero Square’s National Ice Rink – too much of an injury risk – but I may try and wear some spangles of a bolero jacket. That said the day is overwhelmed with dress code options, with Brian Clough tracksuit/ eyebrows also suggested, along with the lace for which Nottingham is famous. And of course Robin Hood can always make an appearance in this ‘neck of the woods’!

After Nottingham comes Ilkeston, a place which features a five star TripAdvisor attraction, the NatWest Hole. “Britisch engineering at it’s best” comments german visitor, reviewer rene g.

At Derby the main stop will be the cathedral where the clock and carillon has particularly piqued my interest – a clock manufactured from cavalry gun barrels and with a live feed of the carillon’s daily tunes evoking the military.


8am Calverton

9am Gedling Country Park (mile 4)



Vicki to visit sites including Nottingham Castle, Lace Museum, Wollaton Hall,

10.30am Wollaton Hall (mile 11)

11.15am The NatWest Hole at Ilkeston (mile 15)

1.30 – 2.30pm Derby Cathedral (mile 24)

5pm Wilson (mile 33)

Dress Code: Ice Dancing/ Brian Clough/ Nottingham Lace/ Robin Hood/ Bakewell Tart

Fuel: Bakewell Pudding, Fidgety Pie, Local cheeses and oatcakes.

Overnight: Aaron Lodge Guest House, Leicester