If you can’t physically come out and support the tour you can get involved remotely.

During July and August you can join the tour and be a part of the story yourself.

How? The wonderful team at Roamler have added a BigToe activation code to their app, just for us. Once signed up you can use the app to upload a photo or more from:

  • Your run, walk or cycle
  • Yourself
  • Your village,  town or city
  • Your summer travels in England
  • Your event days out

The app walks you through how to upload a photo and caption it, so that we can make you a part of the collective story of an English summer.

To get involved:

  1. Download Roamler from Google Play or Apple Store.

(Roamler is typically an app for that supports people who want to earn an income across the UK)

  1. Sign Up – You sign up for the app like anyone else, so sign up by choosing Retail. Be prepared to input your biggest near city when you are asked for ‘location’. Your actual location isn’t necessary for the Big TOE . When asked if you have an application code, then input BigToe – then you are in an exclusive Big TOE space within the app and ‘location’. You can participate from anywhere!
  2. Complete an upload. On Roamler these are called tasks, but it is fun and easy and above all appreciated.

Help us make the Big TOE a colective story from across the nation. Thank you for being a part of the Big TOE story.